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Merritt’s Quality Precast Concrete Products Provider

Norgaard Ready-Mix Ltd sells a variety of precast products, which include precast concrete in Merritt. Our precast concrete blocks are suitable for large retaining wall construction. Broadly, following are the different types of precast products that we offer to the community of Merritt:

1. Blocks: Blocks are used every time there is a need to have dirt held back. It could be in parks, for example. Here are the types of blocks we sell:

a. Full, half and block-and-a-half sizes
b. Solid and sculpted finishes


2. Trailer Pads: Trailer pad is a 2x2 square, flat piece of concrete that is 4’’ thick with reinforced steel in the middle. It is used as a platform to install a mobile home.

3. Sign Bases: Sign bases are just like pyramid shaped blocks of concrete with a piece of steel cast in the centre and the sign is fixed onto the pole.

4. Dock Anchors: Dock anchor is a lock block with a hole cast into it, so that a chain can be dropped though it. It is used to anchor docks.

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